Tuesday, May 10, 2011


OH MY GOD.  How long has it been since I posted on here.  Sorry to my loyal followers.  I have been so busy trying to get things finished around my house and in my life..... but everytime i start a project I come up with a brilliant idea or some new exciting project.  My head just feels as if it is about to explode with inspiration.  I have decided to get back on track with my weight lose and have decided to start a blog on my Dr Phil profile from about 6 years ago.  Not only to cataloge as I re read his book that I have but hopefully to inspire or encourage someone else who faces the same rollercoaster that I have been on for over half of my life.  I guess in a way I have decided to GET OFF.  I don't like this ride anymore and it is taking up too much time and energy.  I want to enjoy my life...... not be defined by my size .  Here are my 2 entries into my blog. 
I was sitting at home staring at the walls when i glanced at the bookshelf and was drawn to my copy of "The Ultimate Weight Solution".  Although I have still been losing weight and doing well but am finding that my weight lose is defining me.  When I am motivated and looking great I feel FANTASTIC but once I sway slightly from my routine I get down on myself and give myself a hard time.  I find it so hard to get back on track and the negative thoughts are so debilitating to my goal.  I found strength in the fact that my weight does not define me and the person that I am. 
            I have to re-align myself with the seven keys.  I no longer want my weight to be the last thing that I think of before I go to sleep and the first thing that I think of when I wake up.  I have to be proud of the hard work that I, and only I have done to get from my heaviest of 123kg to 96.5kg Even though it has been a long road I did it.  I know I still have a road to travel to reach my next goal of 85 kg .
           This blog is going to be my daily journal of my re-reading of the seven keys and my continuing journey.  I hope it inspires someone to live their life and let their weight lose become a habit and not a factor that defines their life.

The larger pic of me was taken in Jan 2004. The day after my wedding. The next was taken in March of this year.

Day 3     
             I am really enoying rereading the 7 keys and I think that it is rather surprising how much of it I have retained without actually realising it.  I think that it is one of the most important things to be humbled by just how much you have changed from old habits and still have the ability to retain those changes. For me I am very very good at highlighting my failures and searing them in the forfront of my memory.  I am not so good at realising the amazing things that I have done and crediting myself for these.  I am also not good at accepting positive feedack.  I am fine with negative feedback and more often than not I am alot more comfortable with recieving it opposed to positive comments. 
             This is very much the first key and the one that i struggle with.  Realising this is the easy part but I have to work on it maybe more indepth than i had originally thought.  Wow this blog is very cathardic.  Just as I sit here and type my mind is clearing and my path is becoming clearer.

Ideas/Inspirations in my head
I thought that I would use my blog as my notebook to jot down all the inpirations, ideas and projects that are spinning aropund in my head to give me a drawing board.
  •  I love knitting my new hats and havbe thought that it maybe a good idea to make a little extra money on the side
  • Spend some time with my wonderful Nan and get all her recipes, tid bits of avice that she has given us growing up and pics of her and my grandfather who I did not have a chance to meet and putting all of this into a book that our family can share and hand on to our future generations.  They are two wonderful people who derserve to live on for many generations to come.
  • Get back into my photography.  It brings me joy and am so inspired.  I have been taping a series on the Lifestyle channel called "How to take stunning pictures".  There have been some great tips that I would love to put into practice.
  • Take up drawing
  • Write the story of my life and the fabrics that made me the person that I am today.
  • Knit for the future that I am hoping to have.
  • Learn How to crochet.


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